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Choose from our great range of pelmets or have yours custom made to match your curtains and blinds

What are Pelmets?

Pelmets can add a sense of luxury to your window dressings and add an overall finish to your room. Pelmets are placed at the top of your window and add a nice finish to your window coverings. They can provide a coordinated or contrasting look. These accessories cleverly conceal your curtain fixtures and they offer an additional decorative element that can help perfect a room.

Also known as:
  • Pelmets
  • Curtain pelmets
  • Window pelmets
  • Roller blind pelmets
  • Blind pelmets
  • Padded pelmets
  • Pelmet upholstery
  • Pelmet box
  • Ceiling pelmets
Customer Satisfaction: Our customers from Brisbane generally choose pelmets from Timms Curtain House for our custom-made selection.

Why are Pelmets important?

A Pelmet adds a barrier at the top of Curtains & Blinds to prevent airflow. Stopping the warm air which has risen to the top of the room from going over and transferring through the window serves to insulate your windows in an attractive and practical way. By blocking the hot air at the top of your room circulating with the cool air will reduce the necessary cooling needed during the Queensland summer.

Our pelmets can be custom made to fit your windows and personal taste. Trimmed with coordinated or contrast piping, pelmets make a beautiful finish to the interior of your room.

Pelmets styles available include:

  • Straight upholstered pelmets
  • Shaped upholstered pelmets
  • Padded pelmets

As well as being decorative, pelmets hide the curtain rod and fittings. Our pelmets are designed to your preference; a classic, straight pelmet or add a personal touch with a scalloped bottom edge. We can also add decorative features such as braiding or tassels.

Let Timms Curtain House Brisbane add the finishing touch to your window

How to make a Pelmet?

We can’t provide you with a step by step guide on how to construct your own Pelmet. What we can do however is offer our services for custom built pelmets according to your specifications. Our pelmets will fit flawlessly and will match your blinds perfectly.

How much is a custom Pelmet from Timms Curtain House Brisbane?

Due to the custom nature of our Pelmets we can’t give out exact estimations. Price will depend on the size and the style needed. You can message us here for a free quote.

Do pelmets only insulate in the summer?

Pelmets work the same during the winter. The pelmet will stop air circulating and warming or cooling the glass which will affect insulation.

Ensure that your pelmets match by contracting our passionate and experienced team. Call us on (07) 3053 5792 or click here to arrange a consultation.

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