Readymade Curtains Brisbane QLD

Readymade curtains are great if you want a rapid makeover without having to wait for quality custom made curtains

Timms Curtain House offers readymade curtains as well as custom made curtains to accommodate everybody’s needs and budget. While we will always recommend higher quality custom made curtains, we can also provide recommendations on the right readymade curtains for your space so that you know you’re getting the best solution possible.

Some of the readymade curtain solutions we can provide include:

  • Readymade draperies
  • Readymade sheer curtains
  • Readymade pinch pleat curtains
  • Readymade eyelet curtains
  • Readymade lace curtains
  • And many more!


Transforming your space has never been easier. With readymade curtains installed on a pole you’ll be able to have your look completed in a morning. Timms Curtain House can manage the installation of all types of readymade curtains on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and in Brisbane. If you have any questions about our readymade curtain installation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Should I choose readymade curtains or custom made curtains?

When it comes to choosing readymade curtains it’s important that you consider what your priorities are. If your priorities are speed and a much tighter budget, then readymade curtains may be a better choice for you. If long-lasting quality and a particular look is your goal then custom made curtains are the clear choice.

Custom made curtains by Timms Curtain House also come with a 6 month free maintenance period. This is not available with readymade curtains as we do not stock the material that is used for readymade curtains – although we may be able to find a similar fabric in our collection so that you do not have to go without. This will, however, be at an extra cost for readymade curtain buyers.


These are an option if blocking out light and sound is not an obstacle for you. Timms Curtain House will always recommend curtains as they are generally longer lasting, block out sound and light significantly more than blinds and are much more customisable. However, if you have your heart set on blinds we can arrange the installation for you.

We provide readymade eyelet curtains, readymade roman blinds, pinch pleat curtains and many more readymade curtains in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

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