Block Out Curtains Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Block out curtains are the best way to block out light in your media room, lounge room or bedroom

  • Perfect for media rooms, nurseries or light sleepers
  • More effective than blinds when blocking out light
  • We will strategically place our block out curtains to block out as much light as possible
  • Minimise noise as well as block out light with our layered curtains

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“Block out curtains with pelmets offer the ideal solution to reduce glare and sunlight. Our team will always recommend the best option for you based on your functional needs, as well as offer a broad range of textiles to suit your tastes.”

— Bev Timms

While light flow is a desirable commodity when it comes to your home, it is also very beneficial to be able to block light out. This is especially useful in media rooms, bedrooms and even nurseries where light can become a burden rather than a benefit.

Our block out curtains


As you can see, block out curtains can significantly block out light so you can enjoy your rest or movie in peace. Block out curtains are usually multi-layered with opaque interfacing which completely blocks out the light.

The position of your room can also make a difference as to how much light weep occurs. Bev Timms and her team will evaluate your room before your custom made curtains are fitted and recommend a pelmet and/or other window treatments to ensure maximum light control.


In this image, you’ll be able to see that the window is not fitted with a pelmet, while the first image is. Light weep is significantly greater in the second image without a pelmet as there is nothing blocking the light coming out the top of the window. A pelmet paired with a block out curtain can give you almost complete darkness which is why our team may recommend a pelmet if eradicating light is your goal.

Benefits of block out curtains

There are many benefits of block out curtains including:

  • Furniture and carpet is protected from sun damage
  • You can enjoy movies and relax in peace
  • Temperate can be somewhat controlled by blocking out the heat of the sun
  • Babies can get better sleep during nap time throughout the day
  • You can also have better sleep at night by blocking out street lights and early sunrise during summer

Block out curtains can also be layered to achieve noise reduction as well as the ability to block out the sun. This is a great option for media rooms as the sun and noises surrounding your home won’t impair your enjoyment.

How do block out curtains compare to blinds?


As you can see, roller blinds and Venetian blinds simply don’t block out enough sun if that is your goal. In a kitchen or sun room this light weep is okay but when it comes to your bedroom, media room or nursery you may want the room to be as dark as possible.

Block out curtains on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane

Timms Curtain House operates across the above regions providing businesses and homeowners with the highest quality curtain solutions. We are passionate about delivering curtain solutions that truly work for our clients, which we do by listening to their requirements and asking relevant questions in order to provide solutions.

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