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Customer Satisfaction: Our customers from Brisbane generally choose curtains from Timms Curtain House for our wide selection of curtains styles and choices.

Timms Curtain House offers only the highest quality curtains to create your desired atmosphere. Curtains play a huge part of your interior but it can be tricky to figure out how to use them to get the preferred effect. At Timms Curtain House, we love to share our experience and expertise with our clients.

Our curtains are not only perfect for creating the atmosphere you want, but they also reduce outside noise and filter harsh light. With block out lining, we can completely shut out any outside light. Have a closer look at the different types of curtains we offer:

Curtains are the classic and traditional feature for dressing your windows. Use them to set the tone of your room or to tie the room together, adding a nice finish.  Coordinate your curtains with the theme of your room to either match it or to create striking contrasts. Combine them with pelmets or swags and tails to match any new or existing paint colour scheme. Our lightweight fabrics let in natural light while still giving you privacy while our plush, heavy fabrics in deep colours create a rich and dramatic feel.

We custom make your curtains from start to finish and can make any style you want including pinch pleat curtains, wave fold curtains, sheer curtains, as well as a range of curtain accessories to finish your styling project off.

Curtain FAQs

What are the benefits of block-out curtains?

Block-out curtains keep out the noise and light. They are the ultimate choice when it comes to privacy! They also keep a room warm in winter and cool in summer.

What rods should I choose for my curtains?

Naturally, the rod will have to be in line to hang the type of curtain, i.e. a taped curtain or an eyelet curtain. The style of rod should also complement the style of the curtain as well as the overall aesthetic of the room.

What type of curtain is best for bathrooms?

We suggest opting for a sheer curtain to let in as much light as possible. You should also choose a 100% poly fabric to avoid mould forming on the curtain due to the moisture in the bathroom.

What fabrics are best for eyelet curtains?

Eyelet curtains are fairly versatile; however, it is best to use only light to medium weight fabrics. We suggest unlined curtains if you would like the heading to be eyelet style.

What are café curtains?

A cafe curtain refers to a curtain that is hung only partway up the window. The edges may be straight, ruffled, scalloped or trimmed. Lace and fringe are popular trims for cafe styles of curtains.

What is the best heading for a decorative curtain?

All curtains can be decorative. However, a particularly elegant heading is the cased heading. Curtains hung in this manner are usually curtains which serve a primarily decorative purpose as this type of curtain heading may result in some difficultly with sliding the curtains on the rod.

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