Why You Should Consider Awnings


The benefits of awnings

Windows allow sunlight to stream into the house. Not only this, but they also allow you to enjoy views from outside. However enjoyable your windows may be, you can make them even more beneficial by adding window awnings. Here are some benefits you can take advantage of in having awnings placed over your windows.

Awnings add curb appeal

Awnings come in a variety of colours and patterns, with solid designs. one of the most popular design comes in the form of the wide stripe pattern. awnings to your windows improves your home’s curb appeal in a few ways:

They add texture and dimension

If you live in a rectangular, or boxy house, that has few angles, the addition of awnings can help to break up the space. Awnings also come in a variety of edgings ranging from scalloped to straight. These edgings will also contribute to adding some dimension and texture to your house.

Awnings add a uniqueness

Windows awnings are a unique addition to your home. In the same way that adding a bay window or a vine trellis will add a little attractive extra, window awnings will help your house stand out amongst your neighbour’s properties. Not only this, but awnings also give homes a lovely, suburban feel.

Get energy savvy

If you are looking to save on energy in your home, you may be surprised by the fact that awnings can help you in this respect. When awnings are placed over windows, they block UV rays that penetrate the windows which can make your home incredibly hot in the summer. Without awnings to keep sunlight from entering your home, your air conditioner uses as much as 20% more energy to keep the temperatures inside comfortable. You can reduce energy usage in the home (and in turn save money) by simply having awnings placed over your home’s main windows. Not only is being energy savvy good for your pocket but good for the environment too!

Protect your home

Awnings have a wonderful ability to reduce the amount of sunlight that streams into your home. This is a fantastic way to maintain your furniture, as pieces that are placed in direct sunlight may become sun damaged over time. Sun damage can also occur on carpets and hardwood flooring, even if your couch is not placed near the window, awnings will still offer protection to the other elements in your home. Similarly, if you have wooden doors and window frames, they can become water damaged and swollen from the rain. They can also prevent rain from leaking inside and damaging your windowsill if you have left a window open in the rain.

Add value

Awnings not only add beauty but are a relatively cost-effective way to add some value to your home. They offer a significant return on your investment due to their attractive appeal and energy-saving abilities. For greater home value, consider adding an awning over your main door and patio as well.

Awnings can not only be a beautiful addition to your home but a practical one too! If you would like to know more, contact the friendly team at Timms Curtain House today.

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