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Winter Home Décor

Winter is upon us! From warm hot chocolates to cosy blankets, its that time when you can snuggle up with the family, a good book, or even a cup of soup. Adding some seasonal trends to your home can be a great idea if you’re looking for a bit of a change. Make your space inviting by incorporating some of these winter trends into your home this season.


Needless to say, winter is all about warm and plush fabrics. Flimsy throws and thin textiles just won’t do! Similar to winter fashion, winter décor is all about layering fabrics. You can warm up your dining room by adding some simple slipcovers to your dining room chairs. Not only are slipcovers an affordable way to transform and warm up a seating piece, but they are also incredibly functional. You can remove them from the chair and launder them after family gatherings.

Sheepskin does not need to be reserved for slippers in wintertime! It can be beautifully incorporated into the home. Simply adding a sheepskin rug or tossing a sheepskin throw over a chaise or sofa will instantly add warmth and provide a toasty spot in your living area. 

Warm up your windows

Windows in winter can be the gateway to a cold house! Layering some window treatments can help to get rid of any chilly drafts. If you have sheer draperies, replace them with some thicker options during the cold season. Opt for anything that adds a little volume and opulence for a beautiful wintertime aesthetic.

Shades of grey

Cool tones are reminiscent of winter time. And what better option than a lovely grey? Silvery accents and smoky décor pieces add a touch of sophistication to any home and are a favourite in winter interior design trends. These grey tones are inspired by natures own wintertime palette: Think charcoal, slate, stone, mist and fog. 

Deep blues

Grey does not need to be the only option when creating a beautiful, winter inspired interior. To add some richness to your colour scheme – add some blue. Deep shades such as midnight blue, indigo royal blue and ink are all sophisticated options. Though blue is typically seen as a very cool colour, it does ad an air of sophistication when paired with wood. 

Incorporating one or more of these interior design trends into your home this winter will give you a seasonally stylish home that will be warm and welcoming to your family and friends.

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