Selecting Curtain Colours for Nurseries

For a baby’s nursery, you may be stuck in a “pink or blue” rut.

While there is nothing wrong with pink or blue in a baby’s nursery; there are many other avenues in which you can explore. For expectant parents, decorating their baby’s nursery can be great fun! And you don’t have to feel limited. There are plenty ideas out there and all it takes is a little imagination, a careful colour selection, and your baby’s nursery can turn out as beautiful as you pictured!


Tough the idea of soft colours may seem sweet for your little one, babies cannot register colour for the first three months. Instead, they register shades of black white and grey. Studies suggest a monochrome colour scheme filled with contrasting patterns and shapes provides a newborn with the best form of visual stimulation.

This could be translated into the curtains of your choice, opting for monochromatic curtains which feature interesting shapes or patterns.

Another great benefit of opting for monochromatic colours in your baby’s nursery is that it provides you with a clean finish. Monochromatic curtains can also grow with your child well into their childhood years – sometimes even teens! It cannot be argued that good old white curtains (plain or with patterns) are sophisticated yet ageless.

Pink or Blue, It’s Up to You

The old trusty colours. If you are expecting a little girl, a beautiful pink curtain could turn out to look absolutely gorgeous. Remember that it is a baby’s nursery, so the shade of pink is important. This is most definitely not the time for a screaming pop of hot pink on the curtains! Softer shades are best. If the idea of traditional baby pink seems a little too boring for you; other suitable shades include blush or a dusty pink for a more antique look.

Blue is an old classic for boys. Again, you do not need to feel as though baby blue is the only option. You could opt for a navy blue and tie it in with accents of red and pops of white to achieve a nautical look. Similar to pink nurseries – a dusty shade of blue can bring across an antique finish.

Other Options

If you would like to explore other colour options suitable for an infant’s room there are two other classic options:

Green: Soft shades include lime and mint.

Yellow: A butter yellow is beautiful. The colour can also be downplayed by pairing it with white.

The great part about green and yellow is that they are gender neutral, so if you want your baby’s gender to be a surprise, or simply don’t want to go for traditional colours like pink or blue; green and yellow can be great options to consider.

Purple: Like pink, you will need to choose a soft shade of purple such as lavender.

When choosing colours for the curtains in your baby’s nursery, remember that soft colours are best. The area should be soothing and tranquil and these colour choices will most definitely prove effective in conveying a sense of calm.

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