Is your home Christmas ready?

These Are Your Top 10 Picks From Timms Curtain House Brisbane On How Best To Decorate Your Home This Festive Season And Add Some Needed Cheer

Here at Timms Curtain House we take Christmas very seriously and it is definitely one of our favourite holidays with which to decorate Brisbane homes. There really is no better time to create a sense of warmth and creature comfort than over the holidays and we have rounded up a few of our favourite options to help you get started.

Garlands are a simple way to spruce up your house’s festive attire with minimal effort. They can be a fun DIY project or simply store bought, and can be as intricate or minimal as you like. And the best part about them is how simple they are to hang up and how easy they are to pack away.

Just like garlands, wreaths are a simple, yet standout decorative accessory. They can hint at the theme of your Christmas and if used on the front door can be very welcoming to your guests. Wreaths of different sizes can also be used as accessories to liven up other decorations; like around the bottoms of candles or as a statement centrepiece on the dinner table.

You can use candles as simple yet elegant way to brighten up your home for any occasion. With Christmas around the corner they can be used as both a practical and decorative accessory and will definitely enhance the atmosphere in any room.

Christmas Theme
Picking out a Christmas theme might seem strange to some, being that many think of Christmas as a theme in and of itself, however there is always room to choose a colour scheme for the festive season. Our top picks other than the traditional red, green and gold are Winter Wonderland (blue, white and silver) as well as a rainbow theme!

Fairy Lights
Fairy lights never fail to add an air of whimsy to a home or room and so are definitely a top pick for us this Christmas. Their dim aura is excellent for creating that lazy festive ambience.

Wall Art And Clocks
It might be time to change some of the photos in your frames, or maybe even the frames around your photos to bring about some of that holiday cheer. Maybe even to hang up some of that art you’ve been meaning to all year? Also, since everyone seems to suffer from festive fever and are always running late, clocks are a great way to make a statement and also keep you on time.

They come in all shapes, sizes and textures and will transform your home this Christmas. There is no end to what you can embroider or print on your Xmas cushions you could even use family member’s pet names or even their faces! Once you’ve eaten your body weight on Christmas dinner you’ll thank us for this one since there is nothing better than sitting, laying or leaning on a couple of cushions and spending time with your family after a shared meal. Also, if you are already a cushion veteran like us, then all you need to do is get yourself some new pillow cases and it will look as though you’ve completely revamped the room.

Pole Wraps
You might not even have thought about it but perhaps you want to trade in your plain curtain rods for something a tad more festive or elegant. Our pole wraps will breathe new life into an otherwise drab item of furniture. They come in a variety of colours and patterns and will add little something special to a room that you otherwise may not have known was missing.

Purchasing a couple of new pieces for your home will definitely bring in an added element of style. Although an alternative and budget-friendly approach, which will achieve the same goal, is rearranging your furniture for an updated effect.

While is might sound a little outdated, mistletoes are a fun way to spread some holiday cheer around the house, and contrary to some beliefs do not have to be romantic. So hang them up and share a couple of cheek kisses with Mum or some of your furry family this Christmas.

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