How to Turn Your House Into a Good Work From Home Space

If you have an office job that keeps you away from your home most of the day, working from home full time presents an interesting challenge. Even if it’s something you’ve always wanted to be able to do, it can be a complicated process turning your everyday living space into the space you’re meant to also be productive in. With the current global spread of coronavirus, millions of people have been forced to make this switch with very little time to prepare and make the transition. It can be difficult to know how to set up your home to enable you to effectively do your work, especially in a home you share with a spouse and children. So how do you transition your home into a space that serves as a work environment by day and living space by night?

What Will You Need for a Live-in Workspace?

  • A desk, table or counter surface
  • Comfortable seating that also supports your back
  • Office storage items to avoid clutter
  • Proximity to a plug and a powerpoint
  • A productivity tracking system, like an app or even a notebook
  • Headphones or earphones

Designate a Space

In order to work effectively in a home that you share with other people, it’s important to set aside space for you to do the work. It helps you set the intention to do your work, and it can be like sitting at your desk at the office. It doesn’t have to be a large space, even a small desk can do. It’s important to make it a space that isn’t near anything that might distract you constantly, and you can get a room divider in the form of a curtain to separate your workspace from your living space. Learn more about our collection of curtains, including custom-made varieties, visit our curtains page.

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