How To Arrange Cushions On A Sofa

There are certain aspects of home decor that elevate a space, taking it from ordinary to Instagram-worthy. Scatter cushions are a great example of something small and simple that can take a space from flat to eye-catching and full of personality. There’s a huge difference between a plan couch with no styling and a couch that has several cushions on it to make the couch a focal point in the room. The experts make sofa styling look complicated but it doesn’t have to be if you learn how to bring a little style to your couches. It’s not that hard to learn how to arrange cushions on the sofa, and how to arrange cushions on sectional sofas and other types of sofas. We’re going to share a few helpful tips that can help you spruce up your house.

Colour and Texture


The first tip for successful sofa styling is texture. When you are planning on putting different couches on your couch, they can have the same colour but what has to be different is the texture of the fabric of the cushions. You can’t have all silky cushions, or all plain curtains or every cushion with a pattern. Aim to mix up the textures, choosing some plain cushions as a base, and then adding prints, textured fabrics and detailing.


Cushions are a great way to bring contrast to a room or to tie different decor aspects together. For example, you can make the cushion colours match the artwork in the room, or match them to curtains, or you can have different cushions that pick up on different colours in the room. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

How to Arrange Cushions on a Single Seater

A single-seater is the easiest thing to style with scatter cushions. Depending on the size of the single-seater or armchair, you can have 2 cushions on the couch or just one. The best type of cushion to get is one big one, like a 50cm by 50cm. If you want to add a smaller one, go with a 25cm by 20cm. Choose a colour that contrasts the colour of the chair.

How to Arrange Cushions on a Corner Sofa (50 & 68.13%)

Most people struggle with how to arrange cushions on a sectional sofa. How do you make sure the cushions don’t look awkward? How do we avoid putting too many cushions on the couch? The best approach to take with this kind of cushion arrangement is to have 3 cushions in the far ends, by the armrests and 2 where the corner is. Choose 3 different colours that tie in with the room.

How to Arrange Cushions on An L-Shaped Couch (10)

For an L-shaped cushion with the daybed, you can put one in the corner by the armrest of the day bed and put a few going towards the other armrest. Be careful not to put too many, as this might drown out the couch itself and make the room look over-decorated.

How to Arrange Cushions on a 2-Seater Couch (10 searches)

You’ve probably looked at the basic couch in your home and wondered how many cushions go on a 2 seater sofa. Two-seater and even 3 seater couches are also quite easy to style with scatter cushions. You will need two 45cm by 45cm cushions which will go by the corner on either side next to the armrests. Right next to those, you can add smaller sizes and then put another big cushion in the middle of the couch. You can also have 3 cushions on the backrest that match the couch and then add a contrasting square cushion to the centre of the couch. You can add a cylindrical couch for some extra pizazz.

Scatter cushions can be just what your home needs to bring it into the new decade, and it’s actually very easy to make some creative changes, styling and breathe fresh life into your living room!

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