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Scatter Cushions

If you flip through a décor magazine, we’re sure you’ll feel inspired by the many beautiful options there are out there when it comes to decorating a room. But if you are on a budget and looking to transform a room in your home, or simply like to update your rooms frequently, scatter cushions are the cheapest and easiest way to do so. The humble scatter cushion has the ability to elevate a plain sofa, chair or bedding arrangement and brings with it a whole new dynamic. They can help with adding spots of colour to a room, make an uncomfortable chair comfortable again and finally, they can be the item tying the room design together. While comfort is obviously important, Timms Curtain House has a large collection of scatter cushion designs available, we can also custom make cushions. Here a few tips on how to choose the right one for you


Scatter cushions come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and selecting the perfect one comes down to experimenting. Generally, try to use cushions that are in proportion to the furniture item on which they are placed.


If your scatters are placed on a couch, a variety of shapes is best. This allows people to choose their ideal comfort level when sitting on your couch. Rectangular and square shapes emphasise a modern look whereas round looks better for a casual country look.


A scatter cushion should either blend in with the couch or sofa or help make a bed or chair stand out. Whichever one you choose, select an interesting or even bold colour will help you get a great effect.

Patterns and prints

Scatter cushion designs today range from monochromatic colours to custom prints of your family! Any home design is about finding the right balance, sometimes this means more subdued designs with stripes or solid colours while in other cases bold prints and patterns are called for. Either way, make sure the cushion design you choose ties in your current room design.

Scatter cushions can help you add the “wow” factor to a room without breaking the bank. They also allow you to easily and seamlessly keep up with seasonal trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shape cushion provides the most modern look?

If you are looking to tie in your cushions with a modern styled room, shape is important. Square and rectangular cushions have the most modern aesthetic.

How can I wash my scatter cushions?

Check the wash instructions of your cushion. Often, you can simply remove the cushion case and launder it in the washing machine.

How do I know which colour to choose?

You should choose a colour that either blends in with the furniture item, or creates a strong contrast to give a great “pop” effect!

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