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Making your Media Room ready for Winter

Media room

Everyone knows that curling up in front of the TV with a hot chocolate in Winter is one of the best things to do. This experience can be made even cosier with a media room fitted with cosy curtains from Timms Curtain House. Curtains are extremely versatile, and one of…

Tips for a Warm (and stylish) House this Winter

Tips for a warm and stylish house

Take a look at some of our new winter fabrics and find out how you can create a warmer home with curtains and how you can keep your curtains safe throughout winter. Want to know how you can make your house warmer without spending a lot of money on insulation?…

Your Décor Ideas, Our Curtain Solutions

sitting room

Timms Curtain House can meet you for a consultation and curtain measure and quote in the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane area. We are happy to provide free quotes as this enables us to get to meet you, get to know your space and recommend the best solutions based…

What curtains should I use in my space?

What curtains should i use in my home

From consultation to final product, our curtains will ensure your home is fitted with the best Here at Timms Curtain House, we provide high-quality curtains to the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Our team takes great care when consulting with our clients so that we can create a…

Add a touch of Luxury with Timms Curtain House

Add a touch of luxury

No matter where you live, or how big your house is you can still create a sense of interior design luxury with a few simple touches from Timms Curtain House The team at Timms Curtain House are a curtain and design specialists who can visit you across Queensland, no matter…

Your new interior looks quite dapper but is your exterior in need of new life?

Your new interior looks quite

At Timms Curtain House we also focus of exterior services… Exterior shutters and window shades can be a secondary concern to those of interior decoration and coverings. But if your shutters are looking a little worse for wear Timms Curtain House in Brisbane offer exterior services to beautify your houses…

Give Life to Your Old Favourite Furniture with Timms Curtain House

Old favourite furniture

Do you have an old one seater collecting dust in your rumpus room? Own a three-seater lounge that has all manner of stains and tears? You may want to consider your options before throwing it out… Are you in a position where you would like to upgrade, throw out or…

4 Ways to improve your space with curtains!

4 ways to improve your space

There are a number of ways you can improve your space with curtains or blinds from Timms Curtain House Curtains and blinds are not just used to block out the sun, they have a broad range of other functions that can enhance your home or office. Here at Timms Curtain…

Don’t be afraid to opt for the subtle route

Don't be afraid to opt for the subtle route

When it comes to your space it’s the small and even invisible details that matter! Here at Timms Curtain House we are experts at enhancing spaces with curtain and blind choices. If you are located in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast area then we are the experts in…

Inspire your Space with Colourful Curtains!

Colourful curtains

Colourful curtains are becoming more and more popular with our clients wanting to infuse their space with a splash of colour! Apparently, minimalism might be over! It seems many homeowners and renters are wanting to personalise their space with bright and colourful curtains rather than stick to mundane monochrome which…

5 benefits of Thick, Luxury Curtains!

5 benefits of thick

There are many benefits to investing in thick curtains from Timms Curtain House… Timms Curtain House takes into consideration technical specifications to reduce noise. We have a wide range of curtain designs that can help accentuate your space while reducing sound which can enter the home from the outside. Here…

Get the most out of your media room with Timms Curtain House

Get the most media room

A media room is a place where you can completely submerse yourself in entertainment... Imagine this: You’re fully submerged in an adventure flick set deep in the Amazon jungle. The hero is isolated, and there are only the birds and the creaking whispers of the trees filling the air. The…

At Timms Curtain House we have been Working Wonders!

Timms working wonders

This month we have been very busy giving interior and exterior home facelifts! At Timms Curtain House in Brisbane, we have been extremely busy helping families regain their sanity with sound-reducing curtains and beautifying blinds that had very much seen their day. We endeavour to help you jazz up your…

New Fabrics and Textiles Mean a Funky New Interior This Year

New fabrics and textiles

The start to 2013 has been fantastic for interior design and for us at Timms Curtain House… At Timms Curtain House, our year has kicked off to a great start! We have been scouring the market for impressive and inspiring new textiles and fabrics, and are excited to present you…

Refresh your space with these easy interior design tips!

Refresh your space with interior design tips

It’s a new year and that means new perspectives and new arrangements of living space! It is true that the interior of your home truly reflects your personality. If you are feeling your space is cluttered or needs a bit of rejuvenation, at Timms Curtain House in Brisbane we have…

Introduce some Hollywood to your home!

Hollywood to your home

AUSTRALIA is the first collection from the collaboration of Hollywood production and costume designer Catherine Martin and Mokum Sparked by extensive research for the design of Baz Luhrmann's blockbuster film, this collection features highly decorative and intricate patterns inspired by Australia's indigenous flora and fauna.   Coordinate stunning wallpapers and…

Convenient, modern and glamorous- motorised curtains and blinds may be the perfect choice for you!


Shade, soundproofing and a brand new living space is just a click of a button away with motorised curtains and blinds… At Timms Curtain House we like to remain on the forefront of innovations in the interior design industry, and with this in mind, we are proud to present one…

Add zest, fun and frivolity to your interior this summer with gorgeous new colourful fabrics!

Add zest

At Timms Curtain House we have been very busy crafting a gorgeous chair from scratch! At Timms Curtain House in Brisbane, we have just received brand-new, fun and colourful fabrics from James Dunlop Palm Beach that are sure to impress and inspire this summer! We were so delighted with them,…

Could your home benefit from a touch of designer décor?

Home benefit from a touch of designer

At our Brisbane Curtain House, we can provide free interior decorating advice! At Timms Curtain House provide expert advice on products and designs to suit your individual taste, style and budget. We have a wide variety of products, soft furnishings and accessories to give your home that added touch of…

Soundproof Your Living Space with Curtains!

Soundproof your living space

If you have kids, resident musicians or live on a busy street, curtains may be the perfect solution to your acoustic problems! Windows and doors account for more than 90% of the outside noise pollution that enters your house, and this can wreak havoc on your physiological and psychological health.…

Window Treatment Trends for 2012

Window trend

Take a note from the fashion pack when considering your window furnishing this year- bright colours, pastels, sheer fabric, silk and minimalism are key trends both on the catwalk and in your home. When it comes to window treatments in 2012, less is definitely more. Modern window treatments and drapery…

Care for Your Curtains in Winter

Curtains in winter

Feeling the winter chill and blues? Your curtains need some TLC too!   During winter, temperatures drop and moisture accumulates on windows. This moisture can cause your beautiful curtains to collect mould- so it is best to thoroughly check your curtains for traces of mould and dampness throughout winter. If…

Bev Timms – The Curtain Expert

Bev Timms - the curtain expert

To have a consultation with Timms Curtain House is always a very positive experience.   Ros and I have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience in colour and design. We love our clients to feel as though they have shopped and looked at all that is offering. We carry…

Give Your Furniture a New Lease on Life With Our Re-Upholstering Service

Re-upholstering service

At Timms Curtain House we encourage our clients to re-upholster where they can.   This often prolongs the life of a loved piece of furniture and can often be more cost-effective with a unique finish that is not always available at the furniture stores. We have an extensive range of…

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