Benefits of Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

Sheer and voile curtains are a very versatile way to dress your window. Opting for this type of curtain brings with it a variety of benefits. Consider incorporating sheer curtains into your home for the following reasons.

Crime prevention and privacy

Sheer curtains act as an obstacle to your valuable possessions as they prevent potential burglars from seeing into your home. Just ensure to keep your curtains closed!

Nosey neighbours? Sheer curtains can provide some much-needed privacy as they restrict views from the outside

Allows light into the room

Of course, closing any type of curtain can provide the same privacy mentioned above – but at the sacrifice of light. Keeping curtains permanently closed can result in a dark home, or worse – a high electricity bill from having to keep the lights on! Fortunately, even with closed sheer curtains, you can have your privacy whilst the light effortlessly streams into your home. Say goodbye to nosey neighbours and opportunistic burglars and say hello to sunlight!

Can help with hay fever and asthma

Household curtains can harbour tens of thousands of dust mites. These can cause allergic reactions such as asthma. Washing curtains once every six months can help with this, and with sheer curtains, washing is an easy task as they are lightweight. If you use a delicate wash cycle, they’re even machine washable: just remove the hooks and then hang up immediately after wash is finished and let the curtain dry hanging!

If you have hay fever, you may find yourself spending much time inside to avoid the pollen in the air. With sheer curtains, you can have the windows open (allowing for some fresh air) with a helpful barrier preventing pollen from entering the home.

Value for money

Sheer curtains are great value for money. They are far more cost effective than a set of blinds or another type of curtains.

Not only do sheer curtains look great, but they also have benefits. Not only do sheer and voile curtains give you privacy during the day, but they still let natural light in allowing you to enjoy the sun and privacy together. They are also known to help hey-fever sufferers by blocking up to 56% of dust and pollen.

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