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Learn more about the different types of awnings offered by Timms Curtain House and why you should use them in your home

Home Decor Using Awnings

You’ve seen them over store windows and doors. You’ve seen them in cafes and restaurants. But did you know that awnings can also make a great addition to your own home?

Awnings can dramatically alter the look of your home and outdoor space and has become a must in the Australian home due to our extreme heat, allowing you to just relax in your patio without getting sunburnt.

One of the great things about awnings from Timms Curtain House, is that they can be enjoyed all year round. So, whether you’re trying to escape the heat of the sun or pelting drops of rain, your awning will help protect you while you enjoy some fresh air.

5 Reasons to Use Awnings in Your Home

Aside from changing how your outdoor spaces looks, awning have many other great benefits for your home:

  1. Eliminate direct sunlight: Direct sunrays can be quite harmful to your skin. Awnings over your open patio or balcony area can allow you to enjoy the warmth and light of the sun without exposing your skin to the direct sunlight.
  2. Protect against damage: Direct sunlight is not only harmful to your skin, but your furniture and belongings as well. Strategically installing awnings over windows that get too much direct sunlight can help cut off the sunshine without plunging the room into darkness. Awnings over your patio or balcony will also protect your outdoor furniture from sun damage and even rain!
  3. More living space: Adding an awning to your patio can help create an extra space to your house. So, you can stretch out and enjoy relaxing like you would indoors, with the ambience of outdoors. It also makes entertaining much easier especially if you have a small home – just take the party outside and enjoy a wider space protected by an awning.
  4. Improve aesthetics: The wide range of awnings available from Timms Curtain House means you can choose the kind of awning that you need to complement your home décor style. From the size and style to the fabric and designs, you’ll have your pick which will instantly add some flair to your outdoor area.
  5. Saves energy: Using an air conditioner during the hot summer months is a must in most homes but this increases your energy costs. By installing awnings over your windows and patio area, you can cut down on the amount of direct sunlight entering your home, keeping it cool so you won’t need to use your air conditioner as much (if at all)!

Type of Awnings from Timms Curtain House

With so many great reasons for using awnings in your home, there are also quite a few different types of awnings, each one designed and suited for the various uses. The wide range of awnings from Timms Curtain House include:

  • Multi-stop: They are most commonly fitted between two balcony or patio/deck posts and is a spring-operated awning which has side channels down each side (almost like outdoor blinds). These awnings are designed to be drawn up or down and stopped at any point you wish, providing you with as much, or as little sunlight as you wish. The awning can easily be locked in any position for sturdiness, is easy to operate, has a modern look and can enhance the appearance of any outdoor area.
  • Straight drop: These awnings are a popular shade option for verandas and balconies and as their name states, they are pulled straight down to offer as much shade as needed. These awnings can be operated manually or automatically (using a motor) and come in a range of fabrics and colours to suit your home style.
  • Wire guide: This type of awning is an adaptation of a straight drop awning and uses wires to raise and lower the blind (to any desired level) without the need for any tie downs.
  • Café: These are awnings that are most commonly found over café and store doors and windows. They come in variety of designs and materials and can be customised for your space. You can choose between a fixed or retractable design which will provide shade and shelter for your home windows.
  • Folding arm: These are operated by crank or motor to add shade and extend your living and relaxing space. They are ideal for use on windy, rainy, and hot summer days when you need some protection from the elements whilst entertaining or relaxing outdoors.
  • Drop/Pivot Arm: Used to cover outward opening windows, these awnings are perfect to help with the circulation of air whilst decreasing the amount of direct sunlight entering the room. When partially opened, the awning provides protection from the sun without blocking the light or view. When fully opened, it covers the entire window providing protection from the sun even at low angles.

Awnings for Your Home

If you’re looking for a great way to provide shade to your outdoor areas or windows, awning are the way to go. Our wide range of styles, fabrics, and colours will give you a chance to choose the right protection for your windows, balcony, patio, etc. without compromising on your style.

Give your home the protection it needs with all the style you want with awnings from Timms Curtain House.


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