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Get the most media room

A media room is a place where you can completely submerse yourself in entertainment…

Imagine this: You’re fully submerged in an adventure flick set deep in the Amazon jungle. The hero is isolated, and there are only the birds and the creaking whispers of the trees filling the air. The suspense is building. You’re fully submersed in the story. Then suddenly just before the climax, you hear the ugly whirring of a truck go by your window.

This is every movie lover’s nightmare. The feeling is like being woken up from a good dream and you’re left desensitized to the story you were submersed in only moments ago. At Timms Curtain House we think why to waste money on premium surround sound, comfortable leather sofas and a large LCD TV just to have your experienced disrupted by exterior noise. At Timms Curtain House we don’t see the point in paying for the best media or theatre room supplies if your experience is still not going to be the finest due to exterior noise pollution. That’s why we use a scientific approach when reducing sound in our client’s media rooms.

The Timms Curtain House difference…

We use sound meters to compare the effects of different layers of curtains in order to create the optimum theatre experience for you and your family. We are passionate about your quality of entertainment so we dedicate ourselves to every project, working to get the most optimum acoustics. In order to get the best sound travel in your media room, we suggest covering all windows with our premium sound-reducing curtains, as well as extending them onto the surrounding walls where possible. Curtains provide the best sound reduction and coverage for your media room as blinds ruin the acoustics by increasing sound bounce and doors only reduce noise by 10%.

A finishing touch of Hollywood-style opulence…

Timms Curtain House is a trusted supplier and installer of motorisation in the home. Take full advantage of your media room experience with our motorisation options and create an opulent getaway fitted with the highest quality sound reducing curtains which can open and close with the touch of a button.

We’ve won over ‘Winning Appliances’ with our quality curtains and dedicated approach to sound reduction…

Recently we’ve embarked on a very exciting project with Winning Appliances which has been a predominant business selling household appliances, furnishings and goods since 1906. We were excited to be involved in the development and decorating of their media rooms at their Fortitude Valley display building. Visit 209 Brunswick Street to see our prestigious curtain collections and media room displays first hand.

Timms Curtain House offers complete submersion…

At Timms Curtain House in Brisbane, we can make your experience flawless with significantly reduced noise interference from the outside. Only once you create a fully separate environment from the outside and the rest of your house can you truly experience your films and TV shows to their full potential. Let Timms Curtain house transform your media room into Hogwarts, Victorian England or outer space with the help of our full noise reducing package.

If you would like to find out more about our media room curtain options including motorisation, or our broad range of blinds, shutters and awnings please book an appointment.

We operate by appointment so if you are in the Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast area please do not hesitate to contact us for a full consultation.

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