Create That Minimalist Look with Blinds

Minimalist look blind

Roller blinds are great for that minimal look and come in a lot of different fabrics.

Standard roll in the reveal is the most common way to install but not necessarily the best. At Timms Curtain House we like to have a reverse roll on the face a little bigger than the reveal, as this looks great and helps with the inherent downside of blinds in the reveal. Roller blinds are very cost effective which can help with the budget.


The variables are unlimited like translucent, block out and sun control. Roman blinds have a very different application to a roller as they dress the window when they are up, they have a lot more weight in them so they are not so noisy, they can be made from anything including sheer. Romans are usually much more expensive then rollers and this can deter buyers.

Blinds on a hole are usually made to fit the windows so you don’t lose your wall space, so this helps in bedrooms where wall space can be limited because of beds, desks and toys.

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