How to make your home sparkle this Christmas

It doesn't get more jolly than this. Christmas is a special holiday and is celebrated right around the world. It’s one of the few holidays that we celebrate by decorating our homes, too. When Christmas is near we want to use any kind of decorations that have at least a…

Bring your favourite spaces to life this spring

How to blend your indoor and outdoor spaces. As the Brisbane Winter begins to thaw, and the sun starts to set a little later in the evening so comes our chance to really start enjoying our favourite outdoor living spaces again. Timms Curtain House is going to help you do…

Curtains and Upholstery Solutions

We give you the tools to create your dream home. Here at Timms Curtain House, we have spent more than 20 years helping our Brisbane clients to create their dream homes with our expert curtains and upholstery services. Timms Curtain House is a family owned and family run business that…


Uses and benefits of blinds | Timms Curtain House

Blinds, their uses, and how they can benefit your home Blinds for Your Home When decorating or renovating your home, one of the most overlooked aspects is the window dressing. Most people focus on the theme of the room, wall colour, furniture or appliances, and art pieces that they can…


Awnings in your home | Timms Curtain House

Learn more about the different types of awnings offered by Timms Curtain House and why you should use them in your home Home Decor Using Awnings You’ve seen them over store windows and doors. You’ve seen them in cafes and restaurants. But did you know that awnings can also make…


Curtains v Blinds | Timms Curtain House

Understanding curtains and blinds, what makes them great, and how you can choose the best for your home. Window Coverings for Your Home Designing your home can be a fun experience. Choosing the right theme, colour scheme, furniture, and even window covering for each room needs to be just right…


Ways to Dress Your Wide Window | Timms Curtain House

We discuss wide windows and the different ways in which you can dress them Timms Curtain House on Wide Windows Wide windows are wonderful and can bathe any room in beautiful natural light. Whether it’s one long window, several windows grouped together, sliding or French doors, wide windows can really…

Block Out Curtains to Reduce Your Electricity Consumption

Curtains to save energy

Reducing electricity consumption over summer can be difficult; however, block out curtains may be the solution Australians experience weather conditions unlike many others. Our scorching summers and lack of central heating in the winter mean that our air-conditioning units often work overtime. Depending on the type of house you own,…

Can curtains be used for soundproofing?

media room curtains

Perhaps you struggle to focus on your home office due to traffic noise, or you have just installed a media room in the family home. Whatever your reason, you may be considering sound-absorbing curtains to lessen the sound coming in and going out.  They are easier to install and more…

Best window coverings for bathrooms

bathroom coverings

Curtains and blinds can make a refreshing change in any room. When your home is craving a makeover, the obvious go-to for most people is a fresh coat of paint or a revamp of the floors – but curtains and blinds are important for any makeover. Curtains and blinds can…

3 Advantages of Readymade Curtains

readymade curtains

Readymade curtains are ideal if you want a quick makeover without having to wait for custom made curtains Transform the aesthetics and comfort of your home by adding a splash of sophisticated style to your windows—in one easy purchase. Give your home an instant makeover with our selection of ready-made…

Custom made blinds to suit every home


The blinds you choose have a big impact on the look and feel of your room, so it’s important to choose the right style for your home Doing your research about what’s on offer can help you choose the blinds that fit your needs and help to best enhance your…

Why bedroom curtains are important to your sleep

bedroom curtain

A survey conducted by the Australian Sleep Health Foundation showed a high percentage of Australians suffer from fatigue and exhaustion on a daily basis due to inadequate or unsuccessful sleep. It also revealed only one in four Australians is getting eight hours a night, with the average rest time just…

Block out curtains could improve your sleep

Block out curtains

As Australia becomes more and more populated neighbourhoods are becoming cramped, which means you’re less likely to be far away from light and noise while trying to catch up on your sleep. Block out curtains are the best way to affordably block out light in your home, especially in rooms…

Nature Inspired Home Décor for Spring/Summer 2015

Home Decor Trends 2015

In 2015 nature inspired colours are set to become the go-to look for spring and summer While these are only predictions, we’ve are already seen some signs of this throughout the other seasons, and this trend is expected to come into full bloom this summer. Look for subtle natural colours…

The Best Way to Block Out Light in Your Home

blockout curtains

At Timms Curtain House curtains are our passion, and we like creating solutions for our clients that work for them, as well as suit their personal style Many of our customers ask us about the best way to block out light in their home as they find blinds just don’t…

Accessory ideas for your curtains and home

accessory ideas

Finer details are often what makes a room, so which accessories will you choose for your home? Curtains are often brushed aside as one of the standard furnishings that don’t require much thought. However, curtains are one of the most crucial design components of a home and can make a…

Curtains for Wide Windows

curtains on wide windows

A massive trend in modern architecture is wide windows which are often dressed with curtains to create a cosier look. The fault that comes with having wide curtain-less windows is that they can leave the room looking cold, bland and stark. A great view can only get you so far,…

Different Types of Curtains

september curtains

Choosing the right curtains for your space is more difficult than you think. Timms Curtain House in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast can help make this decision easier. What curtains should I choose? Curtains require more thought than you realise, and you can make the most of…

Making your Media Room ready for Winter

Media room

Everyone knows that curling up in front of the TV with a hot chocolate in Winter is one of the best things to do. This experience can be made even cosier with a media room fitted with cosy curtains from Timms Curtain House. Curtains are extremely versatile, and one of…

5 Advantages of Using Curtains Rather Than Blinds

5 advantage of using curtains than blinds

  First time homeowners and seasoned home decorators can be confused as to what window coverings are suitable for their home. "Should I choose Curtains or Blinds" by Timms Curtain House can offer some information and suggestions on this common dilemma faced by many of our customers. 1. Are Curtains…

Tips for a Warm (and stylish) House this Winter

Tips for a warm and stylish house

Take a look at some of our new winter fabrics and find out how you can create a warmer home with curtains and how you can keep your curtains safe throughout winter. Want to know how you can make your house warmer without spending a lot of money on insulation?…

Beautiful Curtains for Your Media Room!

Beautiful curtains for media room

Timms Curtain House are curtain experts that have helped many clients express themselves through home decoration and curtain design. Your media room is a place to relax and take it easy while you watch a film or listen to music. Nothing can ruin this experience more than ugly glare coming…

Your Décor Ideas, Our Curtain Solutions

sitting room

Timms Curtain House can meet you for a consultation and curtain measure and quote in the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane area. We are happy to provide free quotes as this enables us to get to meet you, get to know your space and recommend the best solutions based…

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